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May 2019

Scantra News

Scantra Release 2.3.3

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Scantra 2.3.3 version. Detailed information about the latest developments can be found in the release notes.

New features in Scantra 2.3.3

  • Import of vertical axes optionally during station import or plane detection
  • Subsequent import of existing registrations and vertical axes
  • Simplified export through graphical selection of stations
  • Voxel sampling for the export of homogeneously sampled point clouds
  • Direction-dependent colouring of detected planes
  • Visualisation of selected planes during manual linking
  • Extension of the sectional view by a measuring function
  • Connecting stations without double-clicking: polygonal and radial relations
  • Database access accelerated when deleting stations
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Move stations within the graphic and the station browser to another group
  • Remembering the positions of non-modal dialogues
  • Representation of station IDs extended to 30 characters
  • Selection and processing of multiple connections
  • Number of lines selectable in inspector browser
  • Focus function with zoom adjustment
  • Approximate orientations are now used from an existing result or global stations

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