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November 2019

Easy News

Easy Release 2020

We are pleased to announce the release of the new version Easy 2019. Two of the biggest new features in Easy Release 2020 are the easy way to create cutting lines across surface boundaries and the new Rhino plugin.

The Rhino CAD system is widely used by users in the architecture sector and nurbs surfaces are often used in architectural modelling. It has been a customer wish to move quickly from a Rhino model to an Easy model. BRep2Easy is the new Rhino plugin provided by technet. With the plugin commands one or more surfaces or polysurfaces can be transferred into a common ein-file and into their corresponding triangle- and polygon files.The commands are creating a discrete mechanical Easy model (ein, eck, dre) from Rhino Nurbs surfaces. The user can define the mesh sizes, the direction of the net lines and the distance between the boundary points.

You will find more details about the new release in the respective release notes Easy 2020 Release Notes.

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