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Lightweight structural design

Because of the close correlation between the form and the internal forces of lightweight tensile structures, their shapes cannot be determined in a purely geometric way. The design of these forms, a process called Formfinding, is accomplished by calculating a state of structural equilibrium. In the case of inflatable systems, forms are generated by differences in pressure.

Because the stability of lightweight structures has to be guaranteed, the resulting internal stresses and deformations from external forces (wind, snow) must be carefully considered. An essential part of the computation of textile membranes is to calculate and describe the flat cutting pattern.

Unlock your creativity. With technet's product line for the planning and design of lightweight structures you will discover the optimal and economic solutions. Emphasize the aesthetic and creative possibilities offered by fabric structures.

The design of free forms, the statical analysis and the subsequent cutting pattern generation is guaranteed by the software. Easy is a fully comprehensive suite of software modules for the complete design of lightweight structures.

We are committed to ensure the investments of our customers by systematic advancement of our software along with high quality technical support by our experts.

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