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Easy.Form (kostenpflichtig) im Vergleich zu PreDesigner (frei)

Graphical editor for the definition of all design parameters and all boundary conditions for mechanically stressed membrane/foil surfaces and cable netsYesYes
Linear formfinding calculation: No initial values for the unknown coordinates and no material properties are necessary.YesYes
Formfinding result (geometry) exportYesNo
Formfinding parameters export (fef)YesYes
Multiple net partsYesYes
Volume formfinding/Pneumatically stressed surfaces (parameters: inner pressure or volume)Yes1No
Definition of coordinates of the fixed points.YesYes
Setting of warp- and weft direction.YesYes
Individual mesh size.YesYes
Different Boundary types (rectangular, radial meshes or holes).YesYes
Individual prestress settings in warp- and weft direction.YesYes
Individual boundary cable specifications (sag or force can be chosen).YesYes
Automatic generation of primary structureYesYes2
Mixed Formfinding: Struts and cables can be used in Formfinding. Optimal positions can be calculated.YesYes
Calculation of associated nets, e.g. holes in regular nets, holes in radial nets, regular nets in radial nets, etc.YesYes
Advanced Dwg/Dxf interface for fast background structure import.YesYes
Preview of fomfinding result.YesYes
Preview for each calculation step.YesNo
Generation of surface elementsYesYes
Visualisation of membrane stress and force distribution.YesNo
Visualisation of support forces.YesYes3
Visualisation of contour Lines.YesNo
Visualisation slope arrows and slope lines for the dimensioning of water drainage system. YesNo
Definition of enslavements: Points can be fixed on planes, straight lines and special surfaces to guarantee geometrical constraints.YesNo
Boundary mapping for optimized mesh calculation.YesNo
Sliding supports.YesNo
Fast boundary creation.YesNo
Disconnected net parts.YesNo

1: If Easy.Vol module is available
2: Limited to 3 procedures
3: Only vectors

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