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Lightweight Structures

We offer a fully comprehensive suite of software modules
for the complete design of lightweight structures



Our products

EASY – Software for the integrated planning and calculation of lightweight surface structures

Easy– Software for the integrated planning and calculation of lightweight surface structures

Due to the engineering system Easy you'll find the optimal software solution for planning, design and calculation of lightweight surface structures. Easy is the market leader in the domain of lightweight surface structures planning and design.

SYSTRA – Geometrical Integration of Heterogenous GIS Data

Geometrical Integration of Heterogenous GIS Data

The calculation kernel Systra which also gives the name to the program system is complemented with different modules with graphical user interface.

SCANTRA – High-Precision Scan Registration without Targets

SCANTRA - High-Precision Scan Registration without Targets

Scantra is a program for automated registration of laserscan point clouds based on identical planes and points. Prior to its registration, the relative positions of the point clouds are unknown.

Latest news & events

The 25th International (Anniversary) Workshop on the Design and Practical Realization of Architectural Membrane Structur...

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08 - 10 October 2020

Archenhold Observatory, Berlin, Germany

We kindly invite all maintenance and support customers to the Easy Power User Meeting 2020. It starts at 9:00 a.m. at Vi...

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13th of February 2020

Stuttgart, Germany

We're delighted to announce that Scantra 2.4 can be downloaded from our server. Detailed information about the latest de...

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February 2020

Scantra News

Our laser scanning specialists will present current results from our current research in two talks at this established c...

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5th - 6th of February 2020

Oldenburg, Germany

Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Geodäsie an der Hochschule Neubrandenburg e. V.
Thema: "Ist eine Qualitätsa...

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19. März 2020 (abgesagt)


Gastgeber: Stadt Leipzig
Dezernat Stadtentwicklung und Bau
Amt für Geoinformation und Bodenordnung
Burgplatz 1, 04109 Le...

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15. Januar 2020


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