What we offer

Over 30 years of membrane structure experience

Professional assistance in all work steps

Branch-specific and interdisciplinary know how

Best performance provided by sophisticated high precision algorithms

User-friendly programs

Specialised, individual solutions for customers based on the standard software package

Lightweight surface structures

With technet’s product line for lightweight construction you will find the optimal software solution for the planning and calculation of your projects in the fields of textile architecture or membrane construction and textile engineering. The design of free forms, their static analysis and the subsequent cutting pattern generation are supported throughout in our program system Easy.

Use the creative possibilities of our software to design aesthetic, well-shaped membrane and cable net structures. Easy is optimized for tensile stressed structures in combination with bending resistant beam elements and allows the calculation of mechanically and pneumatically pre-stressed surfaces. The software offers the user everything that a modern software needs for building with cables and membranes. Intuitive graphical user interfaces and sophisticated algorithms allow fast and highly accurate calculations and their preparation for production. Easy is used by leading engineering offices and manufacturers worldwide. You can find a reference list here.

Building projects from various fields have been successfully implemented by our customers for over 30 years. The fields of application are:

  • Simple canopies with small span width for weather protection and shading, e.g. sun sails
  • Mobile, temporary structures of medium span, e.g. for events
  • Wide span roofing with spans of more than 200 m, e.g. stadium roofing
  • Textile halls, e.g. event tents, halls and industrial tents
  • Industrial buildings, e.g. biogas plants
  • Facade constructions, e.g. ETFE-foil cushions
  • Closed membrane and rope net constructions, e.g. air domes, aircraft hangars, balloons, water tanks, plimps, textile zeppelins, Tensegrity-, Tensairity® structures, sculptures, flood protection systems

Through the consistent further development of our software and the offer of competent technical advice and professional support, the investments of our customers are permanently secured.

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