Easy - The complete system

Easy is a software for the integrated planning and calculation of lightweight surface structures. The program system is composed of 5 modules:

Easy.Form: Formfinding is a process to evaluate the geometry of a stressed surface: it is only required for lightweight surface structures, because a separation of geometry and physical behavior isn't possible. The geometry of conventional structures can be defined by an architect at the drawing-board. In Easy.Form a stress harmonic surface will be configured under consideration of user-defined conditions.

Easy.Stat: The function of the static analysis is to materialize the surfaces created by the Formfinding process (i.e. To assign material properties to the membrane), to consider the external causes resulting of the statutory provisions (e.g. Self-weight, wind and snow loads) and to calculate the inner stresses and deformations: thus the stability of the overall structure can be verified.

Easy.Cut: The cutting pattern generation is a task which is well known in a similar way from map projection. The map projection doctrine treats the projection of the earth into plane maps. In the cutting pattern generation of fabrics the three-dimensional surfaces being in equilibrium are also projected into a plane; here too unavoidable aberrations should become as small as possible.

Easy.Beam: Only a combined calculation of beam structures together with prestressed textile surfaces (respectively cable nets or foils) guarantees an efficient and optimal utilization of all cross-sections. The division of static systems into subsystems for lightweight surface structures with non-linear behavior gets wrong results. The simultaneous calculation of the complete system in Easy.Beam makes allowance for this circumstance and optimizes resources.

Easy.Vol: The calculation of pneumatic structures is characterized by pressure which affects the surface permanently. This pressure must be included in all calculations. In the Formfinding process it plays a decisive role as shape giving factor. In the statical analysis it is effective together with all the other parameters: due to the fact that the pressure can change in case of extraneous causes, physical gas laws are essential for exact modeling.


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