Systra - Geometrical Integration of Heterogenous GIS Data

Systra is an adjustment program for the geometrical integration of heterogeneous GIS data by interconnected transformation and homogenization.

The adjustment algorithm processes beside the coordinates to be transformed also geometrical constraints and geodetic measurements. The calculation kernel Systra which also gives the name to the program system is complemented with different modules with graphical user interface.

SystraShell - Project Administration

  • Input and modification of control parametres

Systra - Adjustment Kernel

  • Adjustment by the least squares method
  • Statistical analysis
  • Homogenization
  • Logging of results

SysPlan - Graphical Analysis

  • Observations
  • Line geometry
  • Translation vectors
  • Normalized residuals
  • Parts of redundancy

SysMatch - Matching

  • Identification of identical objects by matching of points, lines and corners
  • Generation of inentity observations
  • Finding of geometrical constraints amongst others rectangularity, rectlinearity and parallelism
  • Generation of geometrical constraint observations

SysGed - Graphical Editor

  • Graphically interactive data manipulation
  • Display, manipulation or manual acquisition of measured values and geometrical constraints

Latest Systra News & Events

Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Geodäsie an der Hochschule Neubrandenburg e. V.
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19. März 2020 (abgesagt)


Gastgeber: Stadt Leipzig
Dezernat Stadtentwicklung und Bau
Amt für Geoinformation und Bodenordnung
Burgplatz 1, 04109 Le...

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15. Januar 2020


The Systra Servicepack November 2019 with many enhancements and new functions is now available.

Please feel free to rea...

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November 2019

Systra News

Visit us at Intergeo 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany. Our Software experts for the products Systra and Scantra look forward t...

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17th - 19th of September 2018

Stuttgart, Germany

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