Easy.Beam Features

Holistic approach for the static analysis of hybrid truss structures including membranes

Flexibility ellipsoids for an easy evaluation of truss structures

Calculation of eigenfrequency and natural mode

Export to current steel software

Geometrical Non-linear Beam Analysis - Easy.Beam

The Easy.Beam module extends Easy.Stat through the provision of geometrically non-linear structural analysis frame elements. This module is a holistic approach for the static analysis of hybrid truss structures including membranes. We notice that in this field the projects can be described only by a big number of elements and points.

Easy.Beam uses algorithms developed especially for these problems (Hyper Sparse Algorithms) which minimize the storage and accelerate the speed of the computer: usual PC's are sufficient for large projects. Flexibility Ellipsoids help to estimate the behavior of these structures.

For the hybride model (steel/aluminium/wood/others + membrane/foil) Easy.Beam determines all internal forces, displacements and reaction forces and designs the membrane. By means of an integrated interface, the entire model inclusive of the internal forces can be transferred to an external program for the design of the primary structure. In this program, the stress design and, if necessary, the evaluation of stability can then be completed.

As the rigidities can have an enormous effect on the forces in the membranes, the optimized cross-sections determined by an external program have to be transferred to Easy for a new calculation run. This iterative process makes sure that the model is close to reality. 

At the moment we provide interfaces for the external design of primary structures for the following programs:

  • RStab
  • SCIA
  • SAP2000

The interaction between the membrane and the primary structure (steel or aluminium frame) is not only important for double-curved surfaces. Easy.Beam allows the optimization of e.g. textile halls by precise 3D models. Thereby the cross sections of the primary structure can often be minimized and thus costs can be saved.

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