Graphical editor

The graphical editor SysGed realizes the graphically supported input and manipulation of all observation types in the Systra data base. SysGed is used alternatively to the program Schnitt which supports exclusively alphanumerical inputs. For the processing of geo-data from the Schnitt data base SysGed uses its own object oriented data structure.

SysGed uses the following windows for the data display:

  • One global window
  • Several local windows
  • Project explorer for numerical data display

Processing Area

Working with extensive projects it is helpful to limit the data amount to be worked on with SysGed to a current cutout. This happens by definition of a coordinate window which can be generated in the program SysPlan graphically.

Global Window

In the global window the points from the Schnitt table global coordinates and all accompanying observations and line geometries are displayed.

The points can be:

  • Reference points
  • New points calculated by Systra (status adjusted or homogenized)
  • New points generated by SysGed (status proximity value)

Local Windows

Each local window represents a local coordinate system (e.g. digitized coordinates, local GPS coordinates). Points of a local window can be connected with points in other local windows or with reference points. The connection information is mapped as identity observations. The connection information is prerequisite for a simultaneous interconnected transformation of all local coordinate systems into the global reference frame. All points as well as the associated observations and line geometries are displayed and can be edited.

Project Explorer

The project explorer gives an overview of the data assumed from the Systra data base.


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