SysMatch automatically generates point identities and geometrical constraints. For this two classes of operators are used:

Matching operators generate identity observations between different datasets:

  • Corner operator
  • Straight line operator
  • Point operator

Searching operators find geometrical constraints within layers of one dataset:

  • Rectangularities
  • Rectlinearities

Results of the matching are in both cases observations which are introduced afterwards in the adjustment calculation resp. homogenization. SysMatch works with multidimensional search trees and statistical tests on the basis of the point accuracy calculated by Systra. A conservative strategy avoids of mismatches (by elimination of ambiguities). Matching and adjustment calculation form a unity. We recommend an iterative approach:

Systra: Calculate the project and provide with it the base co-ordinates for Matching and condition search.

SysMatch: Find conditions and match.

Systra: Calculate the project, check the result with the help of the NV for perhaps wrong conditions or Miss's match and corrects this.

SysMatch: Find other conditions or match. Further with 3.

The programs Systra and SysMatch are executed alternating until no further matches or constraints are found. Advanced users can use the menu point Analysis> Systra+SysMatch which automates this iteration process.


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