Easy.Stat Features

Non-linear calculation

External loads generation

Precise material laws with finite triangular membrane element with warp/weft-stiffness including transverse extension and shear stiffness e.g. for foils

Simplified material laws for orthotropic fabrics described by warp/weft-stiffness

Membrane-specific visualisation of stress and force

Result analysis with reports

Contour lines

Slope lines for a fast drainage dimensioning

Forcefinding for pre-stress optimisation

Statics - Easy.Stat

To check the behavior of lightweight structures under applied load it is necessary to perform static structural analyses on them. Due to the large deflections which this class of structure is inherently subject to, geometrically non-linear analysis software must be used.

    Additionally, given the large amount of data required to model all lightweight structure models, the graphical representation of the deformation, force and stress results must be able to be easily controlled to highlight the relevant data. The right picture shows a membrane structure with 63 partial areas and an extension of 360m x 150m.

    Easy offers the possibility to generate the external loads as area loads, line loads, point loads and temperature loads. Load zones can be defined as required and individual load cases can be combined and calculated as load combinations.

    Wind loads can be generated automatically via the digital wind tunnel Easy.Dwt.

    The presentation of the results is performed by a Report Generator.

    Easy supports precise material laws with finite triangular membrane elements with warp/weft stiffness including transverse extension and shear stiffness e.g. for foils and also simplified material description for orthotropic fabrics by warp/weft stiffness, where non-linear material behaviour can be considered.

      A comparison of shear stresses and principal stresses in the membrane at the same snow load: Left with warp in the direction of the greatest surface curvature, right turned by 45°.

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