Analysis graphic

SysPlan realizes the graphic representation of the analysis results of the adjustment. In detail are shown:

  • Object geometry
  • Points separated in reference points and new points
  • Error ellipses
  • Observations
  • Geometrical constraints
  • Normalized residuals
  • Parts of redundancy
  • Local coordinate systems
  • Triangulation of the homogenization
  • Displacement vectors caused by homogenization

Symbol sizes, line widths, colors and fond sizes are freely determinable by the user. Colors can be indicated alternatively either depending on the observation type or of the respective coordinate system.Especially helpful for the error analysis is the representation of normalized residuals proportionally to their size. In this way blunders can easily be recognized and be corrected.

Error ellipses show the achieved accuracy of the coordinate determination.

The result of homogenization shows how the point displacements, caused by remaining discrepancies and geometrical constraints, are propagated on the new points.



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