Easy.Cut Features

Calculation of cutting patterns in consideration of maximum pattern width (cut -off minimisation)

Design for manufacturability (compensation, border allowance, welding marks)

Export to cutting machines

Fully automated optimisation of pattern width in standard case

Small flattening distortion caused by the use of map projection theories

Cutting Pattern Generation - Easy.Cut

Cutting pattern generation is the process of creating planar cloth geometries from compound-curved minimal surfaces. This procedure is conceptually analogous to the problem of creating maps of the surface of the earth.

    Clearly, whatever technique is used, it is necessary to introduce distortions in order to achieve the desired result. However, it is common for more distortion than necessary to be applied, and for the distortion to be badly localized. Due to the enormous variety of patterning situations, strategies which, provide the highest quality patterns, require sophisticated monitoring of distortions.

    Special editors and flattening theories adapted to the problem were developed for the generation of the cutting patterns. The user is enabled to generate production-ready cutting patterns.

    In the case of Easy.Cut automatic procedures for many cases guarantee a fast calculation with a cut-off minimisation. The design is for manufacturability: constant and non-constant compensation, border allowance and welding marks are used for both, manual and automatic cutting machines.

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